Color of the Year 2024 Predictions

The Color of the Year 2024 trends are in! Whether it’s misty sky-like shades to bolder hues inspired by the sea and twilight, you’ll see a variety of blues in predictions for this year, but it’s far from the only option when it comes to tapping into color trends — companies are also offering up plenty of other options for designers with an eye towards trending colors.

From light and airy hues to earthier, more muddy tones, 2024’s selects serve moods for any room. Read on to see our round-up of the top color predictions for this year from the experts themselves:

Upward SW

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams looked to the skies to source their 2024 Color of the Year. Upward is a breezy, blissful blue, imbued with slight red undertones, a hint of gray, and some of the natural attributes we associate with green. Evocative of Scandinavian living and coastal vibes, Upward is an asset for anyone looking to create a calming contrast from the busyness of modern life.

Blue Nova

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova is another mid-toned blue that balances the warm with the cool. Blue Nova is a “captivating, otherworldly” color that captures the spirit of twilight to achieve something magical. As a matte finish, this color also introduces a “velvety feel,” while maintaining the versatility to add an air of approachable excitement to kitchen islands, cabinetry, and even front doors.



A color that truly lives up to its name, Limitless is a light yellow that represents energy and optimism. The “modern honey beige,” has the versatility to function as a neutral while representing a distinct break from the cool grays of years past. Whether meant to conjure a sense of wellness, a connection to morning sunshine, or a reference to historic design eras, this color can live up to its name when applied to walls, kitchen cabinets, or anywhere else that calls for a pop of colorful possibility.

Skipping Stones


Similar yet distinct from Sherwin-Williams’s Upward, Skipping Stones takes its cues from the sea rather than the sky. Described as the “perfect bridge between warm and cool,” this moody, meditative blue is a welcome addition to an interior, whether it appears on cabinets, all four walls, or more subtle applications.

Cracked Pepper


Behr’s top pick for 2024 goes boldly back to black at a time when brighter near-neutrals would seem to rule the day. A luxe charcoal tone, Cracked Pepper proves that even a darker color can feel soft, cozy, and comfortable while still making a statement. Whether used as an anchor in a modern space or as feature of something more classic, there are plenty of reasons why this top seller in Behr’s Designer Collection Palette is worthy of its Color of the Year status.

Renew Blue


As the name suggests, Renew Blue is all about restoring equilibrium and recharging, managing to feel peaceful yet provocative. Whether grounded with help from neutrals like Perfect Backdrop and Dusk in the Valley or standing out on its own, there’s no doubt that Renew Blue has what it takes to help your home feel like a space for getting in touch with your true colors.


Graham & Brown

Viridis is a garden of earthy green delight. The color plays well with the lush, forest scene of New Eden, the brand’s Design of the year, grounding the jewel tones of its illustrated flora and fauna. However, Viridis is more than capable of holding its own, bringing out the best of dark woods, soft decor, and any number of adjacent shades of green.

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