Shamrock Celebrates Its Remarkable Presence in Over 70 Homes During the 2024 Parade of Homes!

Why Kansas City Home Builders Choose Shamrock Cabinets

(and you should too!)

If there’s anything the 2024 Spring Parade of Homes showcased, aside from the stunning architecture and innovative designs, it was the undeniable preference for Shamrock Cabinets’ custom-built products among leading home builders. With Shamrock Cabinets starring in over 70 homes constructed by 18 distinguished builders, it’s clear that when it comes to selecting cabinetry that marries beauty with exceptional quality, the industry’s best trust Shamrock. Read below to see why you should too.     

A Testament to Tradition and Quality

Shamrock Cabinets has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship for over 50 years. Each piece is not just furniture, but a handcrafted masterpiece made by experts who bring the unique vision of homeowners and builders to life. From the initial design to the final installation, every step is meticulously managed to ensure that the outcome isn’t just a cabinet but a testament to superior quality and design.

Beyond Just Beauty – Functional Artistry

The 2024 Spring Parade of Homes was not just another opportunity for Shamrock to showcase their work; it was a reaffirmation of their commitment to creating cabinets that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality. Shamrock’s unique custom designs are not just visually stunning but crafted to maximize storage and efficiency, ensuring every space is utilized to its fullest potential. This combination of aesthetics and functionality is what sets Shamrock apart and makes it the cabinet maker of choice for those who refuse to compromise.

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Product

When leading home builders prefer Shamrock for their projects, it says a lot about the reliability and quality of service offered. Here are words straight from these industry experts:

“Shamrock delivers cabinets to the site on time and ensures we keep our schedules on track. Their promptness and reliability in delivery mean we can promise our buyers their dream homes without delay.”

And when it comes to customization and addressing unique requests, Shamrock excels beyond expectations:

“Shamrock is amazing to work with. Quick to provide concept drawings or insightful recommendations, they helped us maximize storage and efficiency in ways we hadn’t considered. The addition of a wet bar in one project, seamlessly integrated well after initial installation, speaks volumes of their commitment to customer service.”

Remarks like these are a testament to Shamrock’s dedication to providing not just high-quality cabinets but an unmatched customer experience.  

Why Shamrock Should Be Your Choice

Choosing Shamrock for your cabinetry needs means more than just getting a product. It’s about investing in a piece of art that elevates your space. It’s about experiencing service that is as premium as the products offered. But most importantly, it’s about bringing your vision to life, exactly as you’ve imagined it, without any compromises on quality, beauty, or function.

With industry leaders repeatedly choosing Shamrock for their projects, they set a clear benchmark for quality and reliability. If award-winning home builders entrust their visions to Shamrock, it’s evident that anyone looking to transform their space could confidently do the same.

Whether it’s new construction or a home renovation, choosing Shamrock’s custom cabinets is a testament to your taste for the finest, and a step towards realizing the home of your dreams.


We’d like to thank the Parade of Homes Builders Featuring our Work:

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"Our collaboration with Shamrock Cabinets has enriched our projects immensely. Their expertise shines through in every cabinet they create, adding an unparalleled level of sophistication to our homes. From luxury kitchens that blend seamlessly into the living spaces to elegant bathroom vanities, Shamrock's craftsmanship is a testament to their dedication to perfection.

Working with the Shamrock team has been an absolute pleasure. Their designers and craftsmen not only bring our ideas to life flawlessly but also offer insightful suggestions that elevate the final outcome. Their seamless communication and adherence to project timelines have greatly contributed to the smooth flow of our construction process.

The feedback from homeowners has been overwhelmingly positive. Homeowners consistently express admiration for the exquisite cabinetry that graces their living spaces. The level of detail, the precision of the joinery, and the overall aesthetics have left a lasting impression, turning houses into true dream homes."

Austin Roeser
President, Roeser Homes

"Shamrock delivers cabinets to the site on-time and ensures we keep our schedules on track.  Since all of our cabinets are stained or painted on-site, this is crucial to make sure we have timely delivery of the home to our buyers.

Glenn is amazing to work with.  There is never a delay in getting back to us when we have questions on projects.  When we have a custom request, he is quick to provide concept drawings or provide insight in ways we could maximize storage or space to create an efficient lay-out.  One example of Glenn and Shamrock’s customer service on a recent project was when we added a wetbar after the other cabinets had already been installed.  He had the wet bar built and installed within 2 weeks after the request.  This ensured we had minimal impact to our construction schedule.

Overall Glenn and Shamrock provide high-quality cabinets, on time and with an excellent customer service approach."

Raynard Brown
President, Inspired Homes LLC

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