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See why people swear by Shamrock

At Shamrock Cabinets, exceeding expectations is what we do best. From our superior materials and expert artisans to our guaranteed timeliness and service, we ensure that anyone who chooses Shamrock is 100% satisfied. By working with us, your job becomes easier since you’ll never have to worry about inferior products or workmanship.


Meet a few proud owners

For more than 40 years, thousands of satisfied customers have enjoyed Shamrock cabinets in their homes and buildings. Meet a few of them here, and see how their dream designs were brought to life.

Builder, Tom French

When one of the top homebuilders in Kansas City chooses your cabinets for his personal home, then you know you make a pretty good product. Tom French has been designing and building some of the most renowned custom homes and communities in the area for more than 30 years, and his award-winning creations and quality workmanship have earned him an impeccable reputation. Needless to say, we’re extremely honored that he and his wife insisted on having Shamrock cabinets throughout their house, not to mention many of their developments.

In the case of their home, it all started with a vision. Gayle had a pretty concise idea of the final look she wanted, and began by drawing a series of sketches. We worked with her throughout the concept stages, and then ultimately brought everything to life back at the factory. From their kitchen to their bathrooms to their living and entertainment areas, the signature elegance of Shamrock really complements their beautiful home. With custom moldings and adornments all created from a gorgeous alder, everyone is pleased with the results.

“I knew in my mind what the perfect cabinets would look like, and I began by sketching them down on paper. Shamrock was able to take that vision, work with us to make suggestions, and ultimately create a gorgeous finished product that exceeded even our expectations.”

Gayle French –

Homeowner, Chuck R.

It was originally constructed in Ireland. Then shipped to a bar in Grand Cayman. And now, a perfect replica exists in North Kansas City. For proof on just how far a great idea can travel, check out the award-winning bar in the basement of Chuck R. from Kansas City.

It all began when Chuck discovered his favorite watering hole while on vacation in the Cayman Islands. He took a special interest in the gorgeous bar, and befriended the bar owner as he learned more about its history. Then, inspiration struck – why not build his own version back home? Once he returned, he knew only one place was up for the high-end, custom job: Shamrock.

For three months Chuck and Shamrock worked side by side, using everything from photographs to CAD drawings to nail down the design. Hundreds of individual pieces were constructed to make the finished piece, and after two and a half years of concept through construction, the job was done. The results have certainly been amazing, as Chuck’s basement has won several “Best of” awards. 

“Getting a bar of this magnitude done correctly took a lot of hard work and persistence. It also took the right partner – Shamrock. I don’t know of anyone else who could have pulled off such a high-end, custom project.”

Chuck R. from Kansas City